Getting Started: 25 Key Requirements of a Change Management Solution

Finding a Change Management Solution

Behind every successful IT project are two key criteria that create success, and inversely, determine the potential for failure. Essentially, when processes and tools come together, they can either make magic, or leave bitter regrets for an IT organization. We want to put you on the path to the former, and in this guide will show you how to select the right tool that will blend with your team’s processes. 

Of course, always remember having both good processes and an incredible tool is a requirement as well. No tool can fill a gap where processes are absent or lacking. To the same affect, if processes are paired with a tool that works against you, you will find yourself writing yourself around those limitations. Once that happens, organizations tend to shift more to reaction than prevention. Unfortunately, managing change like this also works against best practice recommendations such as those found in ITIL. That said though, what other criteria should a solution have? 

Well, that’s where this Getting Started guide will help. Our goal is to take you through twenty-five of the most important criteria that a Change Management solution should include.

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