Understanding the Strategic Value of AI for ITSM

Learn How AI is Reshaping Enterprise ITSM

AI is changing the way we interact with digital technologies. From consumer markets to the enterprise, AI and smart automation makes services proactive, data actionable and users more informed in their day-to-day. AI for ITSM isn’t some far-flung fantasy… it’s here today, and is transforming the enterprise.

“Spending on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning is expected to grow rapidly from less than $8 billion in 2016 to $47 billion by 2020” — International Data Corporation (IDC)

This eBook covers:

  • How AI delivers an exceptional end user experience
  • How Management can leverage predictive analytics
  • How IT staff benefit from intelligent, self-guided assistance
  • How AI is transforming the entire enterprise

Download the eBook to learn about the role of AI for ITSM along with the real-world benefits of its implementation!

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