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Why is ITSM so Important?

In today's connected business environment, Service Management has become a critical component for IT organizations. In recent years, ITSM has transitioned from a once thought of "traditional role" of simple ticketing and incident management to a robust framework that acts as the connective tissue to the entire enterprise. The rapid advancement of technological innovations in both mobile communication and digital infrastructure has only added to the need for ITSM solutions that account for end-user demands and implementation.

Gone are the days of the enterprise lagging behind the consumer-driven computer and technology markets. BYOD, cloud SaaS models and the consumerization of IT have set a precedent for organizations to implement innovative, cutting-edge technology into their IT infrastructures. However, this process is easier said than done. IT processes must be put in motion quickly, efficiently, and with little margin for error. They must then be constantly managed, monitored and protected from risk. These processes start with the service desk and the tools available from ITSM.

Breaking Down the ITSM Toolset

ITSM can be broken down into ten core toolsets that cover a wide range of the overall IT operational infrastructure.

  • Service Request Management
  • Incident Management
  • Problem Management
  • Service Catalog
  • CMDB
  • Knowledge Management
  • Change Management
  • Self-Service Portal
  • Life-of-Business Modules
  • Business Intelligence

There are many reasons why your company can benefit from each of these tools. The eBook "50 Reasons You Need ITSM" takes a comprehensive look at the most vital aspects of ITSM and breaks them down in a style that's easy to apply to the real world of IT.

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