ChangeGear Service Manager Overview Demo

ChangeGear Service Manager Overview

Your IT organization must move fast to keep up with the pace of the modern enterprise. The best way to do this is to have an intelligent ITSM-driven solution that empowers staff and engages end users. ChangeGear Service Manager is an enterprise grade ITSM solution engineered to deliver smarter IT services to support the modern digital workplace.

Watch a quick 5 minute video demonstration of the features and capabilities of the ChangeGear Service Manager platform!

Features Discussed:

  • ITIL Based Processes (Knowledge Base, Incident, Problem, Change and Release Management, etc.)
  • Fully Configurable (No Coding, Custom Automation)
  • Service Smart Technology (Predictive Analytics, Knowledge Base, User Interactions, Field Recommend)
  • Team Smart Hub 
  • Empower End-Users (Self Service Portal, Intelligent Search, Knowledge Articles, Smart Responder, Willow Chatbot)
  • Advanced Change Management (Speed, Compliance, Efficiency, Configure Change Modules, Pre-Authorizations, Workspace Views)

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