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  • ChangeGear 7 Platform

    ChangeGear 7 Platform

    ChangeGear 7 delivers the next generation ITSM platform for the modern digital workplace by combining proven service management performance with cutting-edge artificial intelligence that simplifies...

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  • ChangeGear: Solutions for Finance

    ChangeGear: Solutions for Finance

    Today's finance organizations often struggle to deliver outstanding services, prevent fraud and cybersecurity vulnerabilities, and provide a modern user experience to their end users. Furthermore,..

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  • ChangeGear: Solutions for Higher Education

    ChangeGear: Solutions for Higher Education

    Today's colleges and universities are more connected than ever before, and system infrastructures have rapidly evolved to take on the complex tasks and operations required by IT. As a result, users...

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  • Change and Configuration Management for Government

    Change and Configuration Management for Government

    The Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA) is a federal law enacted in 2002 to recognize the importance of information security to the economic and national security interests of the...

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  • ChangeGear: Solutions for Healthcare

    ChangeGear: Solutions for Healthcare

    The healthcare industry has the challenging task of providing its users tighter integration of support, services and critical assets across traditionally siloed departments. Lack of best practices...

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  • ChangeGear: Healthcare Solution Brief

    ChangeGear: Healthcare Solution Brief

    As healthcare providers move to adopt or expand Electronic Medical Record (EMR) technology within their organization, it becomes apparent that for many organizations, the lack of adequate financial..

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  • ChangeGear 7 Service Smart Technology

    ChangeGear 7 Service Smart Technology

    ChangeGear is built with Service Smart Technology designed to process all of your service management data and proactively serve up real-time analysis recommendations and automations.

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  • ChangeGear 7 Service Desk

    ChangeGear 7 Service Desk

    The ChangeGear Service Desk Platform is your solution for delivering outstanding IT service management to the business - no matter the size! The web-based platform provides your organization with...

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  • ChangeGear 7 Service Manager

    ChangeGear 7 Service Manager

    ChangeGear Service Manager is a web-based ITSM software solution engineered for today's digital workplace. IT organizations can easily and efficiently manage routine requests, control IT services,...

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  • ChangeGear Service Request Management

    ChangeGear Service Request Management

    Implementing the ChangeGear Service Request Management module allows your IT Organization to better manage the most common and low impact Incident types in a more efficient and cost effective manner..

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  • ChangeGear Service Catalog

    ChangeGear Service Catalog

    Implementing a Service Catalog enables your IT organization to increase value by communicating your IT service offerings in rich, descriptive business language in a centralized place. IT needs a way..

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  • ChangeGear User Center

    ChangeGear User Center

    The User Center is a fully integrated feature of ChangeGear designed to increase Service Desk efficiency and improve customer satisfaction. The User Center feature streamlines request creation for...

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  • ChangeGear 7 Change Manager

    ChangeGear 7 Change Manager

    To push the limits of continuous delivery, IT now requires a calculated balance of structure and flexibility. These demands must be met without compromising on things like tracking, visibility,...

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  • ChangeGear Change and Release Management

    ChangeGear Change and Release Management

    The need for proper enterprise IT controls has never been greater and even though the need for IT control is growing, IT organizations are still required to do more with fewer resources. The...

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  • ChangeGear Asset & Configuration Management (CMDB)

    ChangeGear Asset & Configuration Management (CMDB)

    Organizations today understand that IT is the heartbeat that fuels the entire enterprise. To keep the business competitive and running efficiently, IT organizations must operate like fine-tuned and...

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  • ChangeGear Resource Discovery Expert

    ChangeGear Resource Discovery Expert

    Today's IT departments have more IT resources than ever and are challenged with managing their ever-expanding infrastructure. A company must track and manage all IT assets or Configuration items...

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  • ChangeGear Process Modules

    ChangeGear Process Modules

    The core ChangeGear modules (Incident, Problem, Change, CMDB, and Service Catalog) provide your IT organization with the ability to manage an essential set of processes based on ITIL best practices.

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  • ChangeGear: PCI Compliance Solution Brief

    ChangeGear: PCI Compliance Solution Brief

    Complying with PCI security standards (version 3.2) is essential for any size organization. Violation of these guidelines can lead to potential fines. Many companies find that there are certain...

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  • ChangeGear NERC CIP Compliance

    ChangeGear NERC CIP Compliance

    Complying with NERC CIP standards is essential. Violation of these mandates can be extremely expensive - costing you up to $1 million per day in fines. Many companies find that there are certain...

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  • ChangeGear 7 System Requirements

    ChangeGear 7 System Requirements

    The tables above summarize the key system requirements to install and run ChangeGear 7. Please review this document before installing your solution to make sure your system meets or exceeds the...

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