Change Management for Agile IT [WEBINAR]

Does Change Management Have a Place in Agile IT?

Historically, the viewpoint of change management has typically been that it's best left for organizations that rely on the established processes and guidelines of ITIL. However, continuous deployment methods and ideologies such as Agile IT, DevOps, and bimodal IT have ushered in a new era of high velocity performance that demand change controls to minimize risk, ensure compliance, and provide total visibility across the entire enterprise.

The question begs - Are traditional ITIL-based processes the only true way to effectively implement change management? Or can there be room in the Agile IT world for change tracking and regulatory compliance without becoming a hindrance to speed and productivity?

Join SunView Software's Product Marketing Manager Adam OBrien and Pink Elephant's Executive Vice President George Spalding as they tackle the tough questions regarding ITIL, DevOps, and Change Management within an Agile IT environment!

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